Frequently Asked Questions

What is NXTOD?

NXTOD is an online video streaming and video on demand platform with a focus on the arts, culture and music.

How do I pay to watch Live Streams and On Demand content?

When you select the video you want to watch a ‘Paywall’ will appear over the video thumbnail. Within the paywall there will be one or several ‘Ticket’ options. Select the ticket best suited to yourself, this might include a ticket suitable for watching multiple videos, early bird offers and individual video tickets.

How will my payment be processed?

For all Live Stream and On Demand purchases your payment will be processed using Stripe, a secure payment portal used across many e-commerce websites.

What do I do with my ticket?

Once your payment has been processed for your ticket you will receive an email with your ticket code. This is an alpha numerical code which you can now enter into the paywall on the video you selected.

Why can’t I Fast Forward or Rewind my Live Stream?

Our Live Streams are Live, they don’t offer the facility to fast forward or rewind video content. We do however offer all our Live Streams as On Demand videos after the event, and access to this is available as part of your Live Stream ticket, usually restricted to a number of days after the Live Stream. Therefore, we recommend you tune into the Live Stream in plenty of time to catch the content you want to watch, or if you do miss it Live, please enjoy the content On Demand afterward!

How do I Pre-Order On Demand content?

To Pre-Order On Demand content you need to head to our ‘Store’. From here you will be presented the titles that are available to Pre-Order along with details of when the content will be available to view. Payments are due on ordering and are taken through WooPayments/Stripe portal. Your order number will become your password/ticket to access the video once live.

Can I share my ticket?

No, your ticket is unique to you and uses Two Factor Authentication. It is limited for use by yourself and your household, the ticket is limited to streaming on one device at a time.

How does 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) Work?

When you enter your Ticket/Password for the first time on a video it will ask for your email address. This will register your Ticket/Password against your email address and also register your device against your ticket. If you wish to watch the video on another device you will receive a 2FA code sent to the email address you registered. You will have to input the 2FA code in the email after inputting your Ticket/Password on the new device. This will register your new device against your ticket/email address.

What do I do if my ticket/purchase doesn’t work?

Firstly, check you are using your ticket on the correct video. Secondly, ensure the ticket is being entered correctly (including capitals). Finally, if your ticket still doesn’t work, please email us on

Fair Usage Policy

We run a fair usage policy on all our Live Stream and On Demand tickets, this includes imposing reasonable usage limitations on number of plays/views of the video content. If we suspect unusual usage, and or activity, on your ticket, we reserve the right to withdraw access to your content.