ConsTest Open Brass Band Competition 2024

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Bands 8 to 13

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ConsTest Birmingham Open Brass Band Competition, Live from The Bradshaw Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire on Saturday 6th April 2024.

Adjudicators: Ian Porthouse & Ryan Watkins.

Running Order

1. Amington Band – Conductor: Chris Barker

‘Corineus’ – Christopher Bond

2. City of Chester Bluecoat Band – Conductor:Ewan Easton

’Triptych’ – Philip Sparke

3. Oddfellows Brass Band – Conductor: John Davis

‘Tallis Variations’ – Philip Sparke

4. Seindorf Beaumaris Band – Conductor: Bari Gwilliam

‘The Saga of Haakon the Good’ – Philip Sparke

5. Sovereign Brass – Conductor: Alan Gifford

‘The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’ – Derek Bourgeois

6. Croft Silver Band – Conductor: Henry Dunger

‘Music for Jock Tamson’ – Alan Fernie

7. Skelmersdale Prize Band – Conductor: Benjamin Coulson

‘Tournament for Brass’ – Eric Ball

8. Newstead Brass – Conductor: Martin Heartfield

‘Of Distant Memories’ – Edward Gregson

9. Harborough Band – Conductor: Ben Smith

‘Mountain Views’ – Bertrand Moren

10. ClockFace Miners Heritage Brass Band – Conductor: Will Haw

‘Fire in the Blood’ – Paul Lovatt-Cooper

11. Jackfield Band – Conductor: Ryan Richards

‘Pageantry’ – Herbert Howells

12. Cleobury Mortimer Concert Brass – Conductor: David Nicholson

‘Corineus’ – Christopher Bond

13. Nailsworth Silver Band – Conductor: Anri Adachi

‘Olympus’ – Philip Harper

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